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Delivering value (software) is what we do. I'm focused on the three main pillars of software creation: People, Procedures and Code. I am open to any proposals, let's talk.

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  • Axa AssistanceMar 2018 - Present

    Domain Owner

    I am currently playing the role of Domain Owner at Axa Partners Contact Services. The domain owns all the applications used by our final customers to contact the company offering digital customer journeys as an alternative to the traditional ones.

    We created the domain from scratch starting some of the applications from the very beginning and inheriting others that were developed by other teams.

    The domain consists of around 20 persons distributed among several Scrum teams, these teams apply standard Agile methodologies (Scrum or Kanban depending on the situation). Every team owns their applications and are fully responsible for everything around them (design, development, maintenance, deployment, production support, etc).

    We are executing 5 projects concurrently now with expectations to grow in the short term.

    As a Domain Owner I have multiple responsibilities:

    • Lead and coach the assigned domain, especially the team composed of the Scrum Masters, Tech Leads and Proxy POs .

    • Define domain organization, roles, objectives and responsibilities. Collaborate with the definition of the development procedures and the domain standards. Monitor team activities to ensure they are properly done.

    • Collaborate with business to define the different solution strategies and to do a proper value analysis at different levels (solution, application, features, etc).

    • Help business during the inception of the projects understanding their needs and objectives, defining budget, the team and the technologies needed. Create a plan and trigger the different activities needed to make it happen.

    • Communicate and synchronize with others (senior management, other domains, etc.), collaborate translating IT language to business one.

    • Ensure that the domain has the right development capacity and skills to respond to the different business needs. Monitor and maintain the service continuity.

    • Management of domain budget and providers (software, services or contractors). Collaborate with business tracking actuals.

    • Facilitate domain activity collaborating with anyone needing it and help the different teams to reach their goals. To help with conflict resolution.

    • To ensure that the domain delivers at the right velocity with a proper quality. To track and report domain KPIs and to proactively look for improvements.

  • AncertAug 2015 - Mar 2018

    Technical Director

    I joined Ancert as technical director with different targets: technical (to improve the development process, to analyze some technical changes with a deep impact on the suite we develop, etc) and human (improve the development team, attract talent, stop team rotation, …).

    I report to the area director and to the general manager while managing 4 development teams composed by 4 developers and 1 team leader.

    Some team achievements:

    • We started a new development process. It has improved code quality and reduced the number of defects.

    • We moved to Agile methodologies. We currently have midterm roadmap, prioritized and estimated backlog, faster deliveries …

    • We added several technical improvements to the suite we develop, increasing productivity and reducing defects. We upgraded our tools and included new ones.

    • We gather product quality and development metrics. We continuously monitor these metrics to improve them thru specific actions.

    • Team rotation stopped.

  • OmronApr 2013 - Aug 2015

    Technical Leader and Solution Architect

    I play two different roles in the company:

    As a Solution Architect I am part of a fiveteen-person team split between Spain, Uk and Japan leading the design of a new application (an IDE for industrial applications) that puts modularity, extensibility and maintainability as key features of the product as it has to designed to be extended during a 10 year period. I do the high level design with the collaboration of some senior engineers and I collaborate in the low level design and implementation of some features as well.

    Some team's accomplishments:

    • Modularity above expectations. The application has very well defined boundaries and modules are isolated from others.

    • Low defect density. Thanks to strict code reviews and unit testing the defect density values are below the expected ones.

    As a Technical Leader I manage a team (the Software Team) composed by all the Spanish developers focused on non-project tasks like developing and building up team's knowledge, defining new work procedures, investigating new technologies / methodologies / products ...

    Some Software Team's achievements:

    • Design and implementation of a documentation policy. It has boosted code quality, increased review effectiveness and eased knowledge transfer.

    • Definition, agreement and implementation of a set of unified policies to make company code homogeneous and coherent.

    • Teach several courses about hot topics like MVVM, UnitTesting, TPL to increase team's knowledge and to make developed code homogeneous.

  • Altran - DAMMJan 2013 - Apr 2013

    Department Manager and Scrum Master

    I was hired to create a new Industrial Informatics Department in charge of centralizing all the developments requested by DAMM and its subsidiaries. It was created to solve issues like cost deviations and deliveries past deadline.

    During this time I created all the department procedures and protocols and implemented Agile practices as a way to reduce deviations and to give to management visibility about the root cause of the previous issues.

    The department is currently integrated into the company and the Agile methodologies continue being one of the key elements of its success.

  • Altran - PICISAug 2010 - Jan 2013

    Senior Developer and Architect

    I was part of a multinational team (Usa - Uk - Spain) in charge of an application to monitor patients and manage their critical care information automating the documentation throughout the high-acuity care areas. The application and its code base was very big (15 years of continuous development).

    Inside the team I had different responsibilities:

    • To design and implement several product features collaborating in all the phases, from requirements to development.

    • To create testing guidelines and to solve several structural problems in this field.

    • To create an automatic deployment / testing system based on VmWare and Tfs.

    • To participate on the adoption of eXtreme programming techniques like pair programming.

    Almost all the development was done in .Net (90%) and the rest in C++ and Vb6. Multiple Microsoft technologies were used (Sql, Sharepoint, Tfs, ...)

  • SIPRO EngineeringSep 2003 - Aug 2007

    Project Leader

    I started working in the company as an industrial developer and after a while I was promoted to senior developer. Later on I was raised to project leader when a vacancy became available.

    During this time I was in charge of everything related with project execution, starting with requirements gathering and functional design, continuing with resource management, development and ending with project commissioning.

    Projects used to have very strict quality requirements due to its own nature (submarine radar systems, airport emergency energy control systems, 24x7 pharma industries, ...). We started using .Net from its very beginning and this gave us a competitive advantage so most of the projects were executed using mainly Microsoft technologies.


  • Computer Science B.Sc.2005


    In depth study of computer science, software and hardware engineering. Awarded with an average of 7,9 (GPA 3,3).

  • Industrial Electronics Technical Degree1999

    Salesianos de Sarria

    Study of analog, power and digital electronics including Microcontroller programming and motor control. Awarded with an average of 8,3.


  • Peopleware

  • Recruitment

  • Team building

  • Facilitation

  • Communication

  • Value analysis

  • Solution strategy

  • Planification

  • Budget management

  • Provider management


  • Agile

  • Scrum

  • Kanban

  • TDD

  • eXtreme Programming

  • Continuous Delivery


  • React/Redux

  • .Net

  • Node

  • Azure

  • DevOps

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